Our Vision: "Helping people, changing lives, and making communities a better place to live."

Mid-Nebraska Food Bank

Food Bank Volunteers with canned foodThe Mid-Nebraska Food Bank covers 31 counties in central and western Nebraska and distributes nearly 450,000 pounds of food a year. Counties served include: Adams, Brown, Buffalo, Chase, Clay, Custer, Dawson, Dundy, Franklin, Frontier, Furnas, Garfield, Gosper, Hall, Hamilton, Harlan, Hitchcock, Howard, Kearney, Keith, Lincoln, Merrick Norton, Nuckolls, Perkins, Phelps, Phillips, Red Willow, Sherman, Valley and Webster.

The Mid-Nebraska Food Bank serves two types of charities: Emergency Food Pantries, where people needing assistance can pick up food for their own use and organizations that serve meals on site. This list includes residential treatment centers, day care centers, senior centers and homeless programs. The charities benefit as they only need to arrange transportation to one location to access a variety of products. The charities contribute 18% of the Food Bank's annual operating budget. Depending on the charities, they can serve 10-50% of their annual budget through utilizing the Food Bank.

Emergency Food Pantries are eligible for USDA Commodities that they receive at no cost to them. The Nebraska Department of Food Distribution in turn pays the Food Bank a storage fee of of 16 cents a pound, providing 40% of our annual operating budget.

Monetary donations are always welcome however, contributions are not limited to food and/or cash. Volunteers are always needed as well as donations such as computers, refrigerators, freezers, vacuum cleaners, file cabinets, mops, chairs, ink, copiers, and paper.

The food bank is a member of the Nebraska Food Bank Network, which contact food retailers and wholesalers for donations of unmarketable but nutritious food. Contact Rae Lynn Johnson at (308) 865-5683 for more information.

Food Bank VolunteersWho we are:

The Mid-Nebraska Food Bank addresses the emergency food needs in our communities and helps to prevent food waste. We collect food and paper items from donations from individuals such as manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. These are items that would otherwise be thrown away because of mislabeling, overstock, and/or discounted items. Thanks to the Food Bank and the agencies it serves we are able to help individuals get the assistance they need to help feed families in crisis. Customers benefit from donors that care enough to give.

Mid-Nebraska Food Bank staff are trained and equipped to handle food according to food industry standards. We operate under a permit issued by the State of Nebraska Food Bank Network and as a secondary Distribution Organization inspected by the Nebraska Food Bank Network according the guidelines established by Second Harvest. Second Harvest is a national network of Food Banks for which we receive necessary training and assistance, as well as about 80% of our annual food donations.

How dooes my organization become a member of the Food Bank?

To become a member please fill out the forms below:

http://www.foodbankheartland.org/Post/sections/37/Files/File%20Audit%20Requirement%20-%20Food%20Safety%20Power%20Point.pdf – Food Safety PowerPoint and quiz link

http://www.foodbankheartland.org/Post/sections/37/Files/Civil%20Rights%20Training_Nebraska.pdf – Civil Rights Training

http://www.foodbankheartland.org/Post/sections/37/Files/TEFAP%20Civil%20Rights%20Training%20Certification%20for%20Agency%20Partners.pdf – Civil Rights Certificate

USDA Non-Discrimination Statement: "USDA is an equal opportuntiy provider and employer."

Food Rescue Program:

Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska’s Food Bank started a Food Rescue Program to collect food from area retailers. In 2011, 453,589 pounds of food were collected from area retailers by utilizing the Food Bank’s refrigerator truck which was acquired from a grant provided by Feeding America, the National Food Bank Network. That is an average of 37,800 pounds of food collected monthly.

The Food Bank started an outreach program to distribute the food collected to area shelters, food pantries, soup kitchens, senior centers, low income housing authorities and low income individuals participating in the Commodity Supplemental Food Program.

In the last 12 months of the program, 647,858 pounds of food were collected from area retailers by utilizing the Food Bank’s refrigerator truck which was acquired from a grant provided by Feeding America, the National Food Bank Network. That is an average of 54,000 pounds of food collected monthly.

In 2012, outreach program, area pantries and shelters received 197,646 pounds to distribute to the people they serve. Volunteers from the Retired Senior and Volunteer (RSVP) Program delivered 38,348 pounds of food to area housing authorities and senior centers to be distributed. The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) delivered 101,548 pounds of food that was distributed as extras to the food packages received by CSFP clients in all twenty-seven counties that Community Action Partnership of Mid Nebraska serves.

A full time position was created to operate the Food Rescue truck and assist with sorting and weighing the product to be reported.

Food Bank Success Story:
submitted by one of our customers

"I never thought that I would ever have to rely on anyone for assistance as I got older. I thought that I had provided for any expenses that I would need, however; I miscalculated health care and prescription costs when my health deteriorated after several falls. Your program gives me a sense of security that I need at this time. For most of the last two years, I have been unable to get out to drive or shop so having staples on hand is a big help. When I can't get fresh fruit or fresh vegetables, the canned canned foods and dry and canned milk are a good source to use. I am eternally grateful for the assistance you have provided me during this period of ill health and isolation."

*Deb, a Retired Senior and Volunteer Program (RSVP) worker, gives of her time faithfully each week at the Food Bank. She answers the phone, greets customers, and does that never ending job of filing. Deb joined RSVP in May of 2001. She has given over 3,374 hours of volunteer service to the Food Bank! She has been a great asset to the Food Bank and the Commodities Program, the staff appreciates her commitment and would be lost without her!!

*Name has been changed to protect customer privacy.